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Sony ECM-44 Review Omni-Directional Wired Lavalier Microphone

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156,16 $ 272,00 $

last updated: January 23, 2019 6:41 pm

Type of ProductPortable Microphone (often stand-alone)
Microphone CategoryCondenser Microphone
Pickup-PatternOmni-directional (360 ambience recording)
Main PurposeYouTube (voice-over), Podcast, Interview (both with one microphone), Studio

Our “No Compromise” Budget Lavalier Microphone recommendation

Our Sony ECM-44 Review of this Lavalier Microphone shows the real good build-quality of Sony’s electret condenser microphones once more. This one is Sonys semi-professional lavalier microphone, available for budget conscious video or podcasting productions.


  • Electret Condenser
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Battery Powered Only
  • Single AA Battery Provides 5000 Hours
  • For Live Sound and Broadcast

Especially when you want a “mobile solution” to record wherever you want without carrying a big microphone with you – this can be a good  choice. Paired and connected to the ZOOM H4N-Pro we can highly recommend the Sony ECM-44 for YouTube / Podcasting / Interviews and Studio recording.


Overall Rating


"Recommended Lavalier on a Budget"

Installation / Setup
needs XLR Connection
very good for a lavalier
Features / Possibilities
integrated power-supply
Price / Value
not cheap but worth it

Sony ECM-44 Review – Wired Lavalier Microphone
Omni-Directional Electret Condenser


Features/Specs of the Sony ECM-44 Microphone:

  • Transducer Electret Condenser
  • Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
  • Frequency Response 40 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Sensitivity -53.0 dB ±3 dB
  • Dynamic Range 90 dB or more
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio 62 dB or more
  • Noise Inherent Noise (0dB=20µPa): 32 dB SPL or less
  • Induction Noise (from External Magnetic Field): 5 dB SPL or less
  • Wind Noise: 40 dB SPL or less (with windscreen, at 2 m/s)
  • Maximum SPL (dB SPL)(0 dB=20µP) 122 dB
  • Power Requirements ‘AA’ Battery (1.5v DC)battery power only, does not accept phantom power
  • Output Impedance 250Ω, (+/-20% (1kHz) Balanced)
  • Cable Length 9.8′ (2.9 m)
  • Connector B type XLR connector. Powered by a single AA size battery

Best Microphone for YouTube (Good – Budget – Lavalier)

Sony ECM-44 – Review

Our Budget – Lavalier Recommendation

best microphone for YouTube and Interviews - Sony ECM-44 ReviewDuring our Sony ECM-44 Review we could clearly see, that this is one of the best Lavalier Microphones on the market for a reasonable price. You get real good Sound-Quality but as it has an XLR connector you should have a sound mixer or just use an XLR3 to 3.5 mm TRS Microphone Cable. (about $8) This is the good news as it has an integrated power module with an AAA battery that lasts for about 5000 hours(!) it does not need phantom power.


What we were missing perhaps is a battery indicator – of course you even can check this manually every 1-3 years. 😉  And the XLR Connector with the integrated battery is quite huge and heavy!

But these are Flaws and no Deal-Breakers. Therefore it is our recommended lavalier microphone on a budget for YouTube / Podcasting and even Interviews.



Sound-Quality – Sony ECM-44 – Review:

Sound Quality of the Sony ECM-44 ReviewWe experienced good sound quality from Sony microphones in the past, but still during our Sony ECM-44 Review this little thing surprised us positively. It has natural clear and crisp sound with a touch of warmth which fits perfectly for its main purpose. Recording peoples voices.


Find out Yourself how it sounds! Sound Example of the Sony ECM-44 Lavalier Microphone:


Features of the Sony ECM-44 ReviewYes it can record voice and ambiance sound near perfectly. Our Tip: Combine it with one of our recommended portable sound recorder and you have a real powerful portable solution for your recordings. During our Sony ECM-44 Review we were able to use this combination with different settings which sounded amazing.  Always at hand – whenever you need it.



recommended accessories for the Sony ECM-44 ReviewYou do not need anything but an audio interface or a XLR3 to 3.5 mm TRS Microphone Cable. You can use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) audio interface with two XLR-in ports. We DO NOT recommend to use the Scarlett solo with only one XLR. We experienced ourselves that maybe later on you want to be able to use two XLR microphones for interviews or music recording. If you now save about $20 you might miss it in the near future which will cost you much more.


Final Conclusion

If you are looking for a well build and durable Lavalier Microphone with good sound quality and you have a possibility to connect to XLR – this is your buy. For a low price compared to quality and sound You can buy this lavalier microphone with confidence!


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156,16 $ 272,00 $

last updated: January 23, 2019 6:41 pm