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Shure PG27-USB Review – Multi Purpose Microphone

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249,00 €

last updated: December 12, 2018 5:12 am

Type of ProductStudio Microphone (or PC)
Microphone CategoryCondenser Microphone
Pickup-PatternCardioid (front focus)
ConnectionUSB, Headphones
Main PurposeYouTube (voice-over), Gaming (pc-recording, Podcast, Interview (both with one microphone), Music & Ambience, Studio

Our No.2 Recommendation for YouTube


If you own a Shure PG27USB, you do not need more than a laptop, a headset. With this set up, tasks like a podcast are done as easy as true the plug-and-play. But also in the conventional XLR variant of the Shure PG27 microphone, it convinces with solidity and flexibility even for Tour Recording. This is something normal side-addressed microphones are really not known for as one of their strengths.

Therefore we can recommended the Shure PG27 USB microphone for YouTube / Podcasting / Gaming and even quite good music recordings.


Overall Rating


"Solid Choice for Easy Plug&Play"

Price / Value

Shure PG27 USB Review – Multi Purpose Microphone

Features/Specs of the  – Shure PG27 USB Microphone

  • USB Plug and Play connectivity allows the convenience of digital recording, anywhere your computer can go
  • Integrated pre-amp with Microphone Gain Control allows control of input signal strength
  • Zero Latency Monitoring for real-time playback and multi-tracking without disorientation
  • Monitor Mix Control for blending microphone and playback audio
  • 1/8″ Headphone jack for monitoring


Microphone for Studio and YouTube (Multi – Purpose)

Shure PG27 USB Multi Purpose Microphone

Our No.2 USB microphone recommendation for YouTube and Studio recording 

best microphone for podcast- Shure PG27 USB Review - Multi Purpose MicrophoneThe Shure PG27 USB is a solid build, Real Plug & Play USB microphone with good sound quality. With its zero latency Headphone Jack and an integrated gain-control feature this microphone will make your recordings much easier.

Therefore it is our recommendation for YouTube / Podcasting / Gaming and Studio.

Sound Quality & Possibilities:

Shure PG27 USB Review - Multi Purpose MicrophoneThe heart of the system is a capsule with renal characteristics. The Shure PG27 USB was sound-optimized for the recording of voice and vocals. When we tested it, it was also able to convince us with its ease of use when recording acoustic instruments. The transmission range is specified by the manufacturer with condenser microphone typical 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

On board is an integrated attenuation element, often referred to as a pad function, which can reduce the level of loud signals by -15 dB, so that a real dynamic of 135 dB can be achieved. The built-in A / D converter operates with 16 bits at 48 kHz.

You can listen to the sound-quality of the Shure PG27 USB here:



Shure PG27 USB Review - Multi Purpose MicrophonePlug & Play the microphone and you can use it immediately on Windows or OS-X computers without additional driver installation. You even can use the integrated headphone jack for listening and the monitor control for direct monitoring. This is possible because the Shure PG27 USB has an built-in audio interface. You find USB cables and a robust carrying case included, just to ensure that you can start digital home-recording right away.


You experience, that in terms of sound, the PG27 USB is very well balanced. Distinctive presences around 4 kHz and 6 kHz emphasize the lower treble and bring voices and instruments forward very well. The freshness above 10 kHz provides additional shine and makes it a good overall microphone.




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249,00 €

last updated: December 12, 2018 5:12 am