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Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+

(4.5 / 5 from 209 Reviews)

149,00 $ 279,00 $

last updated: January 23, 2019 6:40 pm

Type of ProductStudio Microphone (or PC)
Microphone CategoryCondenser Microphone
Pickup-PatternCardioid (front focus)
ConnectionUSB, Headphones, Mounting
Main PurposeYouTube (voice-over), Podcast, Studio

Good Sounding Microphone with updated Features!

The previous Audio Technica’s AT2020 was one of the more popular microphones on the market. Similarly to a significant number of other early USB mics, the Audio Technica AT2020 was missing some key features like a Headphone Jack. The most recent form, the reviewed AT2020 USB+ now has a headphone jack with volume control and a mixer to balance the microphone and pre-recorded audio. What we are still missing is a dedicated Gain Control ( don’t know what this is? Read in our Tech Terms & Definitions).

You can listen to a Recording Example below under Sound-Quality!

At nearly the same price tag as the Blue Yeti Microphone the Audio-Technica AT2020+ provides (as some users say) more smooth (deeper) audio recordings. We could not agree, but it may be in the “ear” of the listener. Try it down below. 
Recommended Purpose: Podcasting and Voiceover.


Overall Rating


"Overall a good product. But - price/value is not as good, compared to microphones like the Blue Yeti."

Sound Quality
good - very good
Price / Value
Okay. Gain control missing. No pattern choice.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+

Features/Specs of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+:

  • Condenser microphone with USB output for digital recording
  • High quality A/D converter with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate
  • Headphone jack with volume control allows you to monitor the microphone signal with no delay
  • Mix control allows you to blend your microphone signal and pre-recorded audio
  • High-output internal headphone amplifier
  • Smooth sounding sometimes lack of clarity in our tests
  • extended frequency response
  • Recommended Purpose: Podcasting / Home Studio Recording (Desk – PC), YouTube and Voiceover
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Mac OS X
  • Comes with: Tripod desk stand with folding legs

Best Microphone for YouTube (Podcasting and Voice-Over)

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB PLUS – Review

Aims for Podcasting and Voiceover

audio technica at2020 best microphone for podcastOur Short Conclusion:


The AT2020 USB Plus is a good sounding microphone. Compared to other microphones with a similar price you might get slightly better sound quality. You can listen to an recording example below in the chapter sound quality. With the new headphone jack (including level) and a mixer control Audio-Technica added some useful features. What  we are still missing is the Gain Control. Yet, the price of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+ compared to our recommended USB microphone the Blue Yeti with more features and possibilities – is just too high.


Nevertheless if you like the way it sounds, we can recommend the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+. It is a solid microphone especially for YouTube, general Voice-Over and Podcasting.



Sound Quality of the audio technica at2020 usb+The Audio Technica AT2020 USB Plus has a good clear sound. Sometimes during our testing we noticed the sound getting kind of flattering. It lets a lot of different voices sound good with a maybe slightly better job done on female voices.


Find out Yourself how it sounds! Sound Example of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+ Microphone:



Features of the audio technica at2020 USB+Installation was quite easy and real plug&play on our Windows 10 pc. Strangely on an older PC with Windows 7 installed we had to load additional drivers. On Mac OS X all drivers were found immediately as well.

With the new integrated Headphone Jack including headphone volume control you can use the AT2020 for exact voiceover recordings.

You can pre-mix a main source and the microphone with the integrated dial to get good results on the fly without having to do huge adjustments afterwards.

The little desk stand that comes with the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+ can not keep up with the good impression of the build quality of  the microphone. We had to re-adjust the screw several times as our mic had the tendency to slowly move downwards. We recommend a dedicated Microphone mount for more convenience and less hassle (see accessories below).

What we are still missing is a dedicated Gain Control to adjust the microphone sensitivity level. This feature comes in handy when you record different scenes, people with a huge variety of voices or even more “crazy excited” (loud) YouTube videos. Which made us down-vote the microphone in the features category.



Recommended Accessories:

recommended accessories for the audio technica at2020 usb+ microphoneEven if the sound quality of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB + is really good, there is always our number one recommendation for a quick boost. The most simple and cheap solution is a Pop-Filter (what is a pop-filter?). You can take a look at the cheap but good Dragonpad USA Pop filter. This one works really well for most microphones as for the AT2020. For about $8 this is a no-brainer.


For any microphone you use that has a microphone mount (jack) we highly recommend to use a boom arm or boom scissors arm. You can read in our No. 1 Mounting recommendation all about the Rode PSA1. which works awesome with the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+!


Daily use and helpful features:

audio technica at2020 best-microphone-for-youtube Features


You need a good reliable microphone. This one may be your perfect choice if you do not need or want dedicated Gain Control. All other features and the sound quality up to 16 bit and 44.1 kHz give you a good, easy to use overall recording experience. Of course if you are looking for the best microphone for YouTube you may should take a look at the Blue Yeti microphone.


Choose this one if: …you are doing mainly podcasts and voiceover the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+ can be your perfect choice.

Another great thing we experienced during our testing is that this microphone even does a slightly better job than the Blue Yeti when it comes to blend out background noise.



Audio Technica AT2020 USB + best microphone for YouTube - ConclusionAs we described above this can be your perfect choice if you concentrate on podcasts and doing voiceover. The good background noise reduction, a good sound quality and with headphones and mixer dials good basic features build an overall good recording experience.


If you record a lot of different situations and need therefore a more broad pickup – pattern (what is this?) you should take a look at the Blue Yeti!


The price decreased in the past 3 month. You can check the best price with the button below or on top of this review!


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149,00 $ 279,00 $

last updated: January 23, 2019 6:40 pm