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How to create a successful YouTube Channel! Today: Sound-Effects


Okay our website is mainly about the best microphones for YouTube. So obviously, we strongly believe, that good sound quality will help you to get more Success on YouTube.

How much more you ask? Read on to find out! Implement our tips and immediately get more returning visitors = subscribers.

Remember, the sound often makes up 50% of the final product. It is therefore recommended to be creative and to use a variety of audio elements. Sound-effects cost almost nothing. When resources and budgets are limited, they can be a cost-effective way to complement the scenes of your video. Start by watching some of your favorite movies or videos on YouTube. You will notice that they often have something in common: an interesting sound design that supports the story.


Sound-effects! Take your audience into the world of your videos.
I. Learn how to find sound-effects and pick them up like a pro.

Sound-effects are the audio elements that appear in your show, your videos, or your sequence. Think of splashing when a stone falls into a pond, the lively chatter of a crowd or the noisy martinshorn of the fire brigade. Without good sound effects, your videos can look one-dimensional. Many successful shows use sound-effects, either in the background, to create an appropriate mood or atmosphere or to paint the action, for example, using shots and explosions simulating a combat scene.

How to create a successfull YouTube Channel
II. Try to find the perfect sound

The sound design begins with a plan – and this plan usually begins with writing the script. Try not to wait until after-editing the sound. Think about ways you can use sound-effects to tell your story even better, as you review your script. It may be useful to note these sound-elements in your script. Use, for example, a ticking clock to reinforce the tension in a scene, or background noise such as rain or wind to convey the basic mood of a scene.


Think about how you get your sound-effects. There are a lot of possibilities for this. YouTube offers a whole library of free sound-effects that can be a good start. In some online libraries, you can buy sound effects individually. Or you can buy a whole library for a fixed amount. You can also create your own sound effects.

III. Recording exact the sounds you need

If you are looking for a SOUND-effect in a database, consider how you would describe the effect. If, for example, you are looking for the sound of “steps on gravel” and do not find a suitable sound effect, extend the search to “crunch” or “steps stone”. Use descriptive keywords. Keep in mind that you can also record your own sound effects and edit them digitally to fit them into your scene.


One easy way to create you own sound library is by carrying a GOOD portable sound recorder (budget) with you. As the sound quality matters we would recommended the Zoom H4N-Pro as an example! Or you use one of our recommended iOS devices that fit on your iPhone or iPad.

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This will help you to get exact the sounds you need for your project.

IV. Excite your audience with incredible Sound

After you have developed a plan and searched for good sound effects online, it is time to put everything into action. One possibility: trial and error. Attempts to supplement your production with sound-effects in order to see whether the desired effect and mood can be achieved.

It can be helpful to listen to the sound you have chosen or created several times, and to put yourself in the situation of spectators who have never seen your scene before. If you hear something repeatedly, it can lose its effect on you and you may be less receptive to the acoustic details. I often asked my wife, my kids or friends about their opinion.

You could even start to hear things that are not there if you repeatedly listen yourself. If you do so – just take a break.

Go out for a walk to hear natural sound again which often helps to reset your brain. When you get back, you have a fresh view of everything.

So you can finalize your project and publish it to your audience.

Audio Technica AT2020 USB + best microphone for YouTube - ConclusionRemember from the Start: 50% of the Success of a YouTube Video comes with the Sound. This also means your channel might grow twice as fast if you incorporate incredible sound quality throughout your videos. Use sound-effects for ambiance and find the best microphone for your recordings with our interactive microphone finder.

Too Your Success!



Please share your experience – your ideas and opinion with our audience! Lets grow together and create something extraordinary by leaving a comment below!

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