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Best Microphone for YouTube / Gaming & Recording 2018/2019

Are you looking for the Best Microphone for YouTube or simple a good microphone for “recording on a budget”? You found the right spot! We’ve got you covered!

With our recommendations for each microphone category from lavalier, over portable to PC and studio, you will be able to find what fits your needs. If you decide to buy one of our best reviewed mics, you will definitely be satisfied. And the best: Your future recordings will sound great and attract a growing audience!

TOP 5 – Best Microphones for YouTube & Recording – TOP 5

Apart from detailed reviews with tips about the best microphones for YouTube, you can find all details, comparisons and an interactive microphone finder. Search for the best  microphones for Gaming, podcasting and vocal – recording. You will find microphones for every budget; from cheap USB microphones to high end microphones for studio recordings.


Best "Fit on iOS" Mic Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

149,00 $ 186,00 $

DetailsBUY NOW
Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone

329,95 $

DetailsBUY NOW
Best Multi-Purpose Blue Yeti Microphone USB

110,00 $ 149,99 $

DetailsBUY NOW
BEST Portable Sound Recorder Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder

219,99 $ 274,99 $

DetailsBUY NOW
Best Ultra-Portable Mic Samson Go Mic Portable

35,90 $ 89,99 $

DetailsBUY NOW


As a consumer portal we already have done all the groundwork for you. You will find our Top 5 recommendations for the Best Microphone for YouTube / Best Microphone for Gaming / Best Portable Microphone / Best On Camera Microphone and the Best Microphone + Mixer Bundle.


In Addition Read Our Microphone Buyers – Guide

Working hard to add value for you! Therefore you will find our detailed microphone buyers guide down below on this website. There we will explain to you exactly what you should look for, when buying your new microphone. We even will cover the questions “how much do I have to spend” for a microphone and where to buy the best microphone for YouTube.



Buyers Guide! Find Your Perfect MICROPHONE

How important is good Sound Quality for your YouTube Success? A good question! Does it make 80% of your YouTube Success? Or maybe only 10%? What do you think? We found a good quote on the importance of a good microphone for recording, that shows perfectly – how it really is!


best advice to find the best microphone for youtube and podcasting

„If YouTube would be a human, the microphone might be compared to the legs!“

You can hardly become a successful YouTuber, if people DO NOT like to listen to your videos. It will scare them away!


Microphone Buyers Guide - Best Microphone for YouTubeYou want to buy a new microphone for YouTube? You are a musician, voice-, podcasting- or interview-artist, looking for an upgrade? Let us take a look, what you have to pay and which features are particularly important in order to produce and enjoy awesome sound quality when recording?

With the right microphone choice, you even will save tons of time cutting and improving your recordings, because of amazing useful extra features, like a build in mixer or gain-control (what is this?)!


You need a real good Microphone Comparison? No problem! In our Best Microphone for YouTube guide we will not only show you exact that, but also what you should look for when buying a new microphone for recordings. Next to our microphone recommendations, we will also show you the test winners of our Best Microphone for YouTube Reviews. You will get tons of tips and tricks for your recording at hand. We help you on the question, where you can buy the various microphones for YouTubers from our Microphone Reviews – each at the best price.


But even within the various microphone categories, there are quite significant differences, as we have seen during our best microphone for YouTube tests. Therefor we also give you some interesting tips and tricks in our “How to find the perfect microphone Guide” and with our easy to use interactive Microphone Finder. We tell you what you should look for when buying a specific mic.


What do I have to spend for the Best Microphone for YouTube? 

Samson Go Mic - Best Cheap Microphone - best microphone for YoutubeDo you hesitate before purchasing a new, maybe expensive microphone for gaming or podcasting? A crucial question may be how high is your available budget. However, we recommend in any case not to save money at the wrong end. Instead, invest in quality like one of our recommended microphones. We got you covered for each and every budget.


Be aware that the perfect microphone for your recording will be one of your major tools on your way to YouTube or Recording success! Buy something that fits your needs of today and maybe tomorrow as well and your money is reasonable spend. You will even find a quite cheap usb microphone in our recommendations if you are just starting.


Our Microphone buying advice: What is a microphone buy worth, if it does not improve the sound quality of your recordings? What if it does not save you some time?

A budget of approximately $40 to $250 lets you find a variety of real good recommended microphones to fit every need. For a really good, future proof Microphone for YouTube you have to invest maybe in between or at the higher end of these numbers.


Where to Buy a Microphone for my Recordings?

best microphone for youtube - where to buy a microphoneYouTuber and most other vocal artists as well, usually belong to the younger generation and they have grown up with the Internet. What could be better than to buy your awesome new microphone – of course we recommend the test winners from our Best Microphone for YouTube tests – from an online store. Because the stationary trade is mostly geared more towards “standard” microphones. Therefore they often have little real good condenser microphones in stock. You will find, that recommendations from within our best microphones for YouTube are sometimes not so easy to find.

Looking to purchase a microphone online, of course gives you a huge selection. In most cases you will even get the microphone of your desire even cheaper than in the stationary stores. We recommend the industry leader among the online shops, the well-known Amazon. The online shopping giant not only offers top prices, but also often free shipping.

In addition, almost everyone has an Amazon account, which will make your order of the best microphone for YouTube, Gaming, Podcasting quick and easy, without annoying new registration.

Big Comparison to find Your Perfect Match

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+ thumbnail Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone thumbnail Best "Fit on iOS" Mic best-microphone-for-youtube Blue Yeti USB Best Multi-Purpose zoom-h4n-pro - Best Portable Sound Recorder BEST Portable Sound Recorder Samson Go Mic Portable thumbnail Best Ultra-Portable Mic
Model Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser MicrophoneBlue Yeti Microphone USBZoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack RecorderSamson Go Mic Portable

149,00 $ 279,00 $

149,00 $ 186,00 $

110,00 $ 149,99 $

219,99 $ 274,99 $

35,90 $ 89,99 $



"Overall a good product. But - price/value is not as good, compared to microphones like the Blue Yeti."


"Excellent Sound. Valuable Features & Build Quality"


"Our Recommendation for YouTube. Best Multipurpose Microphone!"


"Best Portable Recorder! Features, Sound-Quality & Price"


"TOP Build Quality & Sound. Ultra Portable Recommendation!"

Pickup PatternsCardioid (front focus)Cardioid (front focus), Bi-directional (interview mode)Cardioid (front focus), Omni-directional (360 amience recording), Bi-directional (interview mode), Real Stereo (hear sound directions)Real Stereo (hear sound directions)Cardioid (front focus), Omni-directional (360 amience recording)
ConnectionsUSB, Headphones, Mounting-USB, Headphones, MountingUSB, Headphones, XLR, MountingUSB, Headphones
Plug & Play
Gain Control
Mute Button
Mixer Integration
Max. Rec. Resolution48 kHz/16-bit48 kHz/16-bit, 192 kHz/24-bit48 kHz/16-bit192 kHz/24-bit-
Main PurposeYouTube (voice-over), Podcast, StudioYouTube (voice-over), Podcast, Interview (both with one microphone), Music & AmbienceYouTube (voice-over), Gaming (pc-recording, Podcast, Interview (both with one microphone), StudioYouTube (voice-over), Podcast, Interview (both with one microphone), Music & AmbienceYouTube (voice-over), Gaming (pc-recording, Podcast, Interview (both with one microphone)

149,00 $ 279,00 $

149,00 $ 186,00 $

110,00 $ 149,99 $

219,99 $ 274,99 $

35,90 $ 89,99 $

DetailsBUY NOWDetailsBUY NOWDetailsBUY NOWDetailsBUY NOWDetailsBUY NOW

Compare Your Favorite Microphones in Detail here. 



How to use the MIROPHONE – FINDER!

The ‘Main PURPOSE’! Your Easy Starting-Point

best microphone for YouTube - Purpose of your YouTube ChannelWhen we were looking for the best microphone for our YouTube channel for our own daily recording work, we were at first confused, then disappointed.

Why? Because nearly any website or guide out there lets you sort tech by price or specs. But how do I know if I need a condenser or a dynamic microphone? A cardioid, bi-directional or stereo pickup-pattern?

We decided to change things for You! – Make it simple!

We have done all the ground work for you. We tested tons of microphones, listened and compared all the specs and features. Finally we sorted them to perfectly fit to your specific needs.

We then classified each device to the main 5 pure Purposes of your Recordings. We then gave all tested Microphones our detailed review, including customer reviews and attached the recommended purpose to each and every microphone.

Most Reviews even contain a recording examples of the specific microphone so you can listen to the microphone of your choice.

You get the awesomeness of this IDEA? Let’s take a look at these 5 purposes for the best microphone for YouTube and any other kind of recording.



Choose the Main Purpose
of y
our channel or recording 


I. Best Microphone for YouTube recordings (Voice-Over):

voice over - best microphone for YouTubeA YouTube or general voice-over simply is any type of recording, where you use to describe what someone sees in the videos on your YouTube channel. (You can also read the definition of voice-over here at Wikipedia)

Explanation: If you have a non-fiction YouTube channel (like Tech / News / Reviews / even Gaming) for example, the voice over simply puts your voice “over the given scene”! Often you might explain something like commenting a game-play (often afterwards). Another possibility is that you give your audience facts about a product or service while images or clips are shown in your video. Like a reporter describing what you just see within a scene in the news.


voice over - best microphone for YouTubeWhen you are more into fiction like “Funny Sketches” or “Story Telling” you often will use your voice to tell a kind of background story to involve your audience. Sometimes you create ironic counterpoints to what can be seen with your voice-overs like “funny comments” or a speaker in the off. Therefore you often need a multipurpose microphone.

You will record your acting ideally with a microphone that can catch the sound of a whole scene (Omnidirectional), while the narration or comment comes from a “direct into the microphone” (Cardioid) recording.

Conclusion: If any of this matches with your recording- or YouTube-channels purpose, choose YouTube (voice-over) in the Best Interactive Microphone Finder. Again if you are doing a mixture of all these types of recording our recommended Multi-Purpose Microphones will suite you best.



II. Best Microphone for Gaming (PC-Recording):

best microphone for YouTube and GamingA special kind of voice-over is the recording of a gaming channel. Why? Because you often do not want solely your voice to be heard but a good mixture of what you are doing in the game as well. Often the gaming sound makes the whole thing fun.


Therefore the best microphone for gaming often have a dedicated mixer integrated which lets you pre-compose the sound of your computer and your voice recording. This often makes your work afterwards much more easy during the post production. If you are quite experienced in doing these recordings through practicing dozens of recordings, often even completely obsolete.


microphone-muted - best microphone for YouTubeAnother feature we pay attention to when recommending one of the best microphone for YouTube and Gaming is its ability to ideal blend out most of the surrounding sounds. Noise like the clicking sounds of your keyboard while playing or the cup of coffee on the table, when recording got late again shouldn’t be in your recording.


Or the sound that your game-pad is making when you throw it in a corner of your home studio, as the gameplay difficult as hell – again.

Not having all these background noises in your recording gives you a more crisp and clear track again with less work to improve the quality your software. A dedicated Mute Button is another nice feature to have! You will not want to pause your recording within the software each time you play along for a few more seconds or minutes!


Conclusion: Often the best microphones for gaming have additional features and mostly a Cardioid pickup pattern (what is a cardioid…?) for close-up “on desk” recordings.


III. Best Microhpone for Podcast

Microphone Buyers Guide - Best Microphone for YouTubePodcasts are becoming more and more popular. Although they are usually “just” hopefully good quality sound recordings and therefore not typically found on YouTube this can be important for your channel.

best advice to find the best microphone for youtube and podcasting

TIP: A lot of YouTubers have a website as well. Often, especially when your YouTube channel contains a lot of content like life advisory, meditation or narrations. Videos of these categories (and similar) provide you the awesome opportunity to use the sound of the same recording as a podcast on your website as well. This will give you additional exposure, better website rankings (additional content) and another type of follower (often listening offline or without wanting to watch a video).


Conclusion: A good microphone for classic podcast recording should pick-up sound in cardioid pattern as you mainly will be sitting at your desk/pc recording. Of course if you are doing a podcast with more than one person a bi-directional microphone for great interviews with one device would come in handy. Even omni-directional pickup pattern (more people in one place) could sometimes help you out..


The main focus of your choice should be a microphone with a headphone jack (for zero latency recording/monitoring) and gain control (what is this?). Sound quality is not that 100% important as if you were a singer or music artist. At least all our recommended microphones will provide you decent sound as well.


IV. Best Microphone For Interviews (both with one microphone):

best microphone for YouTube InterviewsIf you are looking for the best microphone for YouTube because your channel is full of interviews there should be only one real good choice or – maybe two.

  1. buy a real good microphone with bi-directional pickup pattern (what is a bi-directional pickup pattern?). This means that the microphone can pick-up the sound from opposite directions.
    This is needed when you and your interview partner are sitting on two sides of a desk or in front of each other with the microphone on a microphone boom stand slightly above you.
  2. Another possibility would be to use a portable microphone like an iOS device attached to your iPhone (see our recommended Shure MV88) or a portable recorder like the ZOOM H1.


Both options provide real good, authentic audio quality.


V. Best Microphone for Vocals & Music (Ambience Recording)

best microphone for recording vocals - best microphone for YouTubeOf course, creating a helpful guide for you around the best microphone for YouTube automatically leads us to this main purpose. Best Recording Microphone for Music and Ambience-Sound. There are a lot of YouTube channels and artists sharing their extraordinary singing or dancing talent with the world. And of course we all know stars like Justin Bieber who became famous through their growing audience on YouTube.


Needless to say that a really decent microphone is a commendatory tool to record and show your talent in awesome sound quality.


This is nearly the only purpose where you might consider an XLR connected (maybe Dynamic) microphone as a lot of vocal artists claim, that the sound is warmer and kind  of smoother. You can read everything necessary for your choice whether to use a condenser microphone vs. dynamic microphone in detail.


Conclusion:  As always if you choose this as your main purpose you get a good selection of  our recommended microphones for Best microphone for recording vocals. Some of the best microphone for YouTube devices will show up as  well as you find really good mics for your goal in both categories.


VI. Best Studio Quality Microphone

Microphone Buyers Guide - Best Microphone for YouTubeThe sixth category is the Best Studio Quality Microphone. No matter if you have your own home studio (even your desk setup can be your home studio) or a professional grade sound studio for work, this category will help you to find your main or even additional microphones that suit your needs perfectly.


Best possible sound quality is key in this category. Even if the price-tag may be a little higher you will get great value for the price as we did in depth testing & research for you. Again you will find a lot of listening examples and you will be able to compare your favorite microphones next to each other.


It is your choice – we want to help and assist you as good as possible! If you are following the Microphone Finder and buy one of our recommended Microphones you surely will be satisfied with the improvement of your channels audio quality!


0 5

Discover Your Next Microphone:



Exchange with You - Best Microphone for YouTubeWe love to exchange experience and if you found our website helpful! Feel free to leave us a comment if you missed anything that would be of use for your decision. 


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